It is now estimated that more than 11% of eligible voters may not be able to cast a legal ballot.

Since the last presidential election in 2012, 17 states have passed new voter ID laws affecting more than 21 million people. The last presidential election was decided by a margin of just 3.6%, and these new laws put at least 3 times that amount of voters at risk of not being counted. So, no matter who you’re voting for, this issue is important and needs to be addressed.

And some people will need to take some extra steps to be sure they are come to the polls prepared this year.


1. double check that you are registered to vote in this year's election.

If you didn't vote in the last election, or voted by absentee ballot or mail, your registration may have been purged. Your details may also be incorrect. Check here:

2. make sure YOUR ID MEETs the new legal requirements IN YOUR STATE.

The address on your registration form (Step 1) must match the address on your ID, but the actual ID's allowed are different by state. See each state's details here:


We can't do this without your help. Tell your friends to check their registration and ID, and please donate so we can get the word out to more people.


This Is My Country is a movement to build a participatory election by ensuring that all eligible voters have the documents required to vote. 

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